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It all started when I was a young boy. I was a young teenager my father married. I got to know my step mother, who was a cook at a local bar/restaurant. It was when then i had taken an interest in cooking. I spent hours every week watching my step mom around the kitchen. I was fascinated of the joy and love she received by cooking, and the happy people who enjoyed her food. She later went on to cooking at a 3 to 4 star restaurant. I was amazed how much people enjoyed the high quality food.

I haven’t forgotten the magical feeling that I felt as customers breezed through the restaurant’s door awaiting a wholesome meal. The happy look on their face while they ate food is something that I’ll always remember.

I started to learn how to cook when i was old enough to be trusted with a oven or a knife in the house. It wasn’t the greatest, but over time i learned a lot from my step mom. Cook books, and lots of food network shows on tv. I just wanted to cook, Now that I have a more relaxed lifestyle, I want to finally take the time to teach.

Most of the recipes that I learned early on were primarily everyday foods we enjoyed at the family table each night, I have experimented and reenvisioned dishes. I’ve strived to learn as much as possible about all kinds of food. In 2007 I started traveling the country, gather ideas and trying different foods that are native to specific parts of the country. I love many culture foods, from mexican, to southwest foods in New mexico to arizona. I plan to continue traveling and will bring you the best of what I learn.

Timothy in the Kitchen is an online cooking show hosted by Timothy Brusky, founded May 2017. The show teaches anyone can cook! A few simple ingredients and the right technique you can have great food in the comfort of your own kitchen! I have only one request for you. Give me feedback. Feedback is what helps me. If you love my recipes, let me know, if not, give me suggestions. I want to know what you want to see.


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